Justice and Law Reform update - January 2024

30/01/2024 11:17:44

In our first update for 2024, learn more about what the Law Society has been doing to be an influential voice in the justice and law reform space.

New Anti-Money Laundering Authority

The Law Society, represented by President Barry MacCarthy and Director General Mark Garrett, showed its support at an Ibec event last week for the Government’s campaign for Ireland to host the new EU Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA). The event was attended by Minister for Finance Michael McGrath, Attorney General Rossa Fanning and other representatives from the wider business community to raise awareness of Ireland’s expert suitability to host the AMLA and support the bid.

Hearings will take place in Brussels this week and the winning country is expected to be announced later in February.

Conveyancing update on land tax

The Conveyancing Committee has released a notice to remind practitioners that the first liability date for Residential Zoned Land Tax has been deferred to 1 February 2025.

You might also be interested in the committee’s December notice, for information purposes only, on Vacant Homes Tax – that it is not a charge on property, in contrast to Local Property Tax. For details see the committee's Practice Note on Vacant Homes Tax.

Criminal Law submissions

The Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee was involved in two submissions in January. The first was in response to a request from the Joint Committee on Justice on the General Scheme of the Garda Síochána (Recording Devices) (Amendment) Bill 2023 (the ‘General Scheme’). The legislation could provide more safeguards and oversight relating to when biometric identification can be used by An Garda Síochána, the recording of the use of this technology, the external monitoring of its use and reviews of the applicable Code of Practice. 

The Law Society also welcomed the opportunity to contribute to the Coroner Reform Consultation. Reform is needed to ensure that the service is effective and efficient to deal with the growing number of reportable deaths. The Law Society supports a new service having a Chief Coroner with a national jurisdiction under the auspices of the Department of Justice.


A sub-group of the Law Society’s Litigation Committee recently prepared submissions in response to the Law Reform Commission consultation paper on third-party funding. This is potentially a transformative area for litigation in Ireland and could allow greater access to justice. It is an area that the Litigation Committee will be keeping an eye on.