Interview for study on pandemic in prisons

15/11/2021 11:42:37

Practitioners are invited to participate in a study for the Council of Europe entitled 'The Covid-19 pandemic in prisons and its impact on prison reform priorities'.

study on pandemic in prison


The Criminal Law Cooperation Unit (CLCU) of the Action Against Crime Department of the Council of Europe has commissioned the study to generate better understanding on the healthcare and preventative measures undertaken as a response to the pandemic. In addition to other research, Prison Reform International (PRI) is conducting interviews with individuals to inform the study. Ireland has been selected for this research, as well as six other countries.

Practitioner views sought

PRI aims to interview a broad range of people from different areas of the justice system with a variety of views and experiences of the pandemic. Solicitors with experience on this matter are therefore invited to share their views in a brief informal interview.

Interviews last no more than an hour and will be conducted via Zoom. If you wish to take part in this study, please contact Project Assistant Edith Riegler.