ESG strategy development programme

20/11/2023 16:52:38

The Law Society has begun its Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy development programme.

This will be a key deliverable in 2024 for the Finance & Operations department, and the Law Society in general. The implementation of this strategy will establish the organisation as a leader in the ESG and sustainability space, build on the work started by the EAST taskforce, and complement the Law Society’s overall strategy.

There are several stages to the process, including:

  • assessment of the Society’s current ESG performance and identify relevant issues;

  • setting of specific and measurable goals that align with strategic purpose and vision;

  • engagement with stakeholders to understand their concerns and gather input;

  • integration of ESG considerations into core business strategy, policies, and procedures;

  • establishment of a robust monitoring system to measure and track progress, including carbon emissions on an annual basis;

  • fostering a culture of sustainability within the legal profession in Ireland;

  • continuously improving and innovating to adapt to emerging reporting standards;

  • developing resources to educate and enable the legal community in Ireland drive their own sustainability agendas including development of an online ESG Hub; and

  • achieving independent sustainability certifications (for example, the Green Flag and B Corp Certification).

Pragmatica, one of Ireland’s leading sustainability and ESG consultants, will partner with the Law Society in the development of this strategy. 

Stakeholder introductions to the Pragmatica team will be made throughout the remainder of 2023. Workshops for staff, key stakeholders, solicitors and trainees will be arranged in early 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like to be involved, please contact Glen Newman.