Digital Law Directory

23/05/2023 06:15:00

The Digital Law Directory has been updated for 2023.

Essential resources on the go

The Law Directory contains contact information for solicitors and firms in Ireland and the rest of the world. You can search by practising status, location, organisation type and other common fields, and access other useful resources including:

  • Courts Service information,

  • service providers to the profession,

  • expert witnesses,

  • statutory / reference material,

and much more. You can access the Directory as a smartphone app or through your desktop.

A member resource

The digital Law Directory is only available to current members of the Law Society. If you have not already renewed your membership along with your Practising Certificate, you can do so below.

Your feedback wanted

Your feedback on the Digital Law Directory can help us to improve the user experience and make it a more valuable resource for members. If you have a suggestion, please contact

Hard-copy Law Directory

The hard-copy Law Directory is currently in production and will be posted to members who requested it in July 2023. If you have a query about the physical Law Directory, please contact