Guide to Professional Conduct

22/09/2022 09:35:04

The Guidance and Ethics Committee has published the fourth edition of the Solicitor's Guide to Professional Conduct.

A tool to assist members

The Solicitor’s Guide to Professional Conduct is an updated, renamed, fourth edition of the Guide to Good Professional Conduct of Solicitors in Ireland. It is a source of reference on professional conduct for all solicitors, to be used as an information tool to assist solicitors in their decision-making and in considering the many and varied ethical questions that arise in day-to-day practice for every solicitor.

The Guide is intended for all solicitors, from those who are beginning their legal career to practitioners who have already accumulated considerable experience. The index is detailed, and the document has been written with the intention of allowing quick and easy access to the most appropriate sections.



For the convenience of members, links to references in the guide have been provided where possible. Log in to view references on the Guidance and Ethics Committee page.