The most frequently asked questions related to the application process are below.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, please email the team at awards@lawsociety.ie.


You must submit an online submission form for each entry. To send us your accompanying files you can:

  1. Send us your files by WeTransfer or a through a file sharing application E.g. Google Drive, Dropbox (make sure appropriate file sharing settings are on). To do this,
    • a) upload your files to your chosen file sharing application and include this link in the ‘Files’ field on the entry form. Please note that we cannot access file sharing applications internal to your organisation.
  2. Alternatively, you can email your files to us at awards@lawsociety.ie.  

All filenames should include your full name and the category.

Yes, you can share a link to your online article or broadcast piece. However, please share a PDF, audio or video file of your article alongside the website link if the link is behind a paywall or if the link may become unavailable at a later date. 

Yes, you can send us a link or file to your full documentary, series, podcast or show. Please indicate the 20 minutes of most important footage in your entry form. If this is not specified, the first 20 minutes will be judged.

Entry to the Justice Media Awards is free but there is a maximum of three entries per person or team in each category.

When entering more than one piece of work in an entry, please highlight the most important piece and number each piece of content thereafter by priority to be judged to a maximum of five pieces of content.

Yes, entries are accepted in the Student Journalism category from people that were full-time students in Ireland at the time of publication during the applicable period. Unfortunately, we cannot accept entries from work published or broadcast outside 1 March 2023-29 February 2024 Please read the small print for more information.

Sometimes an article or broadcast piece might fit the criteria for two categories, for example, Court Reporting or Print/online journalism (daily). You may enter the same entry into two categories or you can choose which category you think your entry would be most competitive in.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept entries from outside 1 March 2023-29 February 2024. If you include these pieces in your entry, they will not be judged. Please read the small print for more information.

We check each entry and all details included in each submission. If we think there is something missing we will contact you. If you want to send updated form details, please get in touch at awards@lawsociety.ie .