Keynote speaker: Sonja Bjelobaba

Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity: Intersections, Implications, and Innovations

SonjaThe intersection between academic integrity and artificial intelligence highlights novel educational opportunities for the integration of AI in the curricula but also presents a spectrum of ethical challenges. These new challenges have shifted the focus in higher education from plagiarism and contract cheating towards the ethical use of AI in education as well as to unauthorized and/or undeclared content generation using AI, potentially constituting academic misconduct. As such, policy documents and assessment methods must be critically reviewed and adapted to align with emerging AI technologies. This talk will present the recommendations from the European Network for Academic Integrity for the ethical use of AI in education. Furthermore, the broader implications of AI in academia, potentially instigating a paradigm shift in our understanding of originality and plagiarism, will be discussed.

Sonja Bjelobaba is a researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics as well as a Senior Lecturer in Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian at the Department of Modern Languages at the Uppsala University in Sweden. Bjelobaba is a vice-president of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) and coordinator of the Erasmus+ strategic partnership project Bridging Integrity in Higher Education, Business and Society (BRIDGE, 2020-2023). She defended her thesis at the University of Gothenburg where she, as an educational developer, taught research integrity, postgraduate supervision courses and other courses for faculty relating to teaching and learning in higher education. Sonja Bjelobaba’s research concentrates on academic and research integrity.