Calcutta Run Tennis Tournament

Tennis is back!


Each team is made up of four players with one men's doubles, one ladies' doubles and two mixed doubles matches.  Each match consists of one set with a tie-break at five games each.  In the event of a two-matches-all result, the team which has won the greatest number of games will go through to the next round.  You will need two courts to play your matches with each player playing two matches - a doubles and a mixed doubles match. Alternatively, if you have a panel of more than 4 players for one team in a particular round, you can involve different players in the tie. For example, John & Paul could the mens’ doubles, and then Simon & Jack could play in the mixed doubles. Matches can be played at a tennis club (if you have access to one), or public courts such as Herbert Park.

The cost per team of four is €1,000

For additional information, please contact Alison Stenson or Jack Kennedy.