Fundraising ideas

The Calcutta Run is all about raising funds to help homeless people in India and Ireland. Here are some tips to help you and your organisation play a part.


Our target this year is €350,000, which we can only achieve with your help! We are asking all participants to raise an individual fundraising amount of at least €120 from family, friends and colleagues. Here are some ideas for a successful and fun fundraising campaign.


  • Identify a ‘Firm Rep’ to promote the event in your firm. Provide senior level support to the rep.

  • Nominate a ‘Department Ambassador’(department Head or Partner) to promote the run in their department.

  • Create a committee to organise fundraising ideas.

  • Register a firm team on the Calcutta Run registration page.

  • Set a fundraising target for your firm - a total of monies raised by staff through sponsorship, fundraising events, firm donations.

  • Your firm may choose to cover the participant’s full sponsorship amount or 50%, requesting that the participant matches the amount.

  • Make a firm donation to the Calcutta Run.

  • Promote intra-department competition– see who can sign up the most participants.

  • Sponsor branded firm t-shirts for participants.

  • Participate in the ‘Firm Team Challenge’ as a runner or walker.

  • Use the official ‘Calcutta Run Supporter Firm’ footer on the firm’s correspondence and emails and highlight your involvement on your website.

  • Weekly communications– emails, electronic signage and messaging.

  • Ask your clients and suppliers for support.


  • Encourage staff to organise a fundraising event on the Calcutta Run Official Fundraising Day.

  • Firm-wide table-quiz in the cafeteria or local pub.

  • Monthly Dress down days with a donation of  €2-4 for participants.

  • Organise a Sign-up desk on particular days with a Calcutta Run Supporter Firm pack

  • Arrange a fun office day – bike smoothie makers, fitness corner with a local gym, human fussball.

  • Arrange a department bake-off bake-sale or coffee-morning.

  • Organise a raffle (ask your firm service providers, network and clients for prize donations).

  • 8-week lunch-time training – ask a few runners to rotate taking people out on a 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5k run, building up to 5k over 8 weeks .

  • Enter a team in to the Calcutta Run tag rugby or golf tournament.


Internal team challenges, prizes or competitions are a great way to encourage participants. here are some inventive ideas to consider:

  • Top 3 fundraisers receive a day’s annual leave.

  • Participants with the best times receive a day’s annual leave.

  • All participants who take part are entered in to a draw to receive a day’s annual leave.

  • Beat the boss (can you beat your department head’s time?) and receive a half-day.


For nationwide events and to include staff who are working virtually and regionally, consider organising one of the following events:

  • Online Pub Quiz

  • Virtual Book Club 

  • Webinar or Workshop – Host a webinar to educate and keep a group up to date. Invite friends, clients and suppliers and ask them to donate to your individual or firm page.

  • Online Bingo– organise for family and friends or a fun firm-wide online bingo night!

Funds raised by online fundraising events can be added directly to your individual or firm fundraising page on Simply send the link to all involved!