Book Launch Venue Dublin

Blackhall Place is one of the most popular book launch venues in Dublin. A choice of six function rooms as well as an enchanting walled garden area makes it a versatile venue that will allow you to create the experience you want for your book launch.

The perfect book launch venue

As an author, you want your book to be a success. After the blood, sweat and tears of writing your book and getting it published, you want to celebrate its arrival with friends, family and critics alike. A book launch is the perfect opportunity for this celebration but also to kick start your marketing campaign and make your book stand out from the crowd.

Whether it’s an intimate and enchanting book launch you have in mind or something more lavish, Blackhall Place offers unique catering and modern technical amenities that will flexibly house and assist you in achieving your vision.

All expertise at Blackhall place is provided by Fitzers Catering, who can offer unique catering for your book launch. For more information about booking Blackhall Place as your book launch venue, contact us today.