Law Society provides special supports to Kerry solicitors

Over 110 local solicitors attend major legal conference in Tralee.

  • A major legal conference is taking place at Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee today (Thursday 5 September).
  • Over 110 local solicitors are expected to attend the event which is organised by the Law Society Finuas Skillnet in association with Kerry Law Society.
  • Experts in wills and trust drafting, civil litigation and eLicensing will address Kerry solicitors.

Over 110 Kerry solicitors are attending the Essential Solicitor Update Kerry 2019, a major legal conference taking place at Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee today (Thursday 5 September).

The annual event is organised by the Law Society Finuas Skillnet in association with the Kerry Law Society. The conference is an opportunity for Kerry solicitors to stay up-to-date on important practice changes such as drafting wills, civil litigation and eLicensing.

This year the Essential Solicitor Update Kerry has a particular focus on smaller practices and sole practitioners. It comes as the Law Society provides special supports for Kerry solicitors and their businesses through the Small Practice Support Project. 

Small Practice Support Project

The Small Practice Support Project is a strategic plan based on extensive research involving a survey of hundreds of smaller law firms across Ireland.

The plan, which was launched in February this year, makes 11 strategic recommendations to help sole practitioners and smaller firms in rural and urban Ireland grow their businesses and achieve greater success for their clients, their firms and their local communities.

The Law Society will present its Small Practice Support Project strategic plan at the Essential Solicitor Update Kerry.

Legal advisors and business owners

Tralee Solicitor John Galvin is Secretary of the Kerry Law Society and is attending today’s event. He said solicitors and smaller law firms in rural Ireland face many challenges.

“Smaller law firms aren’t just like small businesses – we are small businesses. Many of the challenges smaller firms face are similar to those faced by other business owners,” said Mr Galvin. “We must balance competing roles within our communities as legal and business advisors, employers, colleagues, neighbours and friends.”

“We must be capable of managing our practices as well as providing the best legal advice and service to our clients and community. The Law Society’s Small Practice Support Project is working to support us as businesses as well as legal experts by offering us tools and resources on how to efficiently manage and grow our practices.”

“Kerry solicitors are a core ingredient for a healthy and thriving community and economy, and smaller firms and sole practitioners across the county must be protected and supported,” said Mr Galvin.

Wills and trust planning

The Essential Solicitor Update Kerry will be addressed by probate experts to discuss practical advice on wills and trust drafting. 

“Being a solicitor in rural Ireland can be very rewarding. However, it can also be difficult to balance the demands of a busy a practice, while staying up-to-date on practice changes,” said Mr Galvin. “The Essential Solicitor Update Kerry is the perfect opportunity to refresh our knowledge, network and discuss concerns with colleagues.”

“Will and trust drafting is an important topic for many Kerry residents, particularly our farming community and tourism businesses,” he said.

“Planning for the future is essential for farm owners and local hospitality businesses to ensure that assets are left in secure hands and a future plan is put in place.”

“Every Kerry resident over the age of 18 should have a will. If you don’t have a will or need your will to be updated, talk to your solicitor at the earliest opportunity to put one in place.”