Law Society congratulates 12 solicitors granted Patents of Precedence

The Law Society of Ireland congratulates the 12 solicitors who have been granted the Patents of Precedence today, Tuesday 15 June 2021.

President of the Law Society James Cahill, said, “We are proud to congratulate our colleagues who have demonstrated the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to become Senior Counsel, including former Presidents of the Law Society, Stuart Gilhooly and Geraldine Clarke, and Deputy Director of Education at the Law Society, Dr Geoffrey Shannon.”

“Solicitors have a unique perspective that they can bring to the role of Senior Counsel and we are pleased that the many contributions of our profession to the legal system and administration of justice are once again recognised.”

“We are particularly encouraged to see a greater number of female solicitors being granted the designation of Senior Counsel this year and we look forward to this trend continuing in the coming years. The Law Society hopes these appointments and examples of leadership will pave the way for a more inclusive and balanced legal profession, which reflects modern Irish society.”

The 12 solicitors granted Patents of Precedence are:

  • Raymond Bradley, Malcomson Law (Dublin)
  • Geraldine Clarke, Gleeson McGrath Baldwin LLP (Dublin)
  • Nicola Dunleavy, Matheson (Dublin)
  • Alison Fanagan, A&L Goodbody LLP (Dublin)
  • Larry Fenelon, Leman Solicitors LLP (Dublin)
  • Stuart Gilhooly, H.J. Ward & Co. Solicitors LLP (Dublin)
  • Damien Keogh, DKA Solicitors (Dublin)
  • Conor Linehan, William Fry (Dublin)
  • Rachael Minch, Philip Lee (Dublin)
  • Dr. Geoffrey Shannon, Law Society of Ireland (Dublin)
  • Helen Sheehy, Helen Sheehy & Co. (Dublin)
  • Keith Walsh, Keith Walsh Solicitors (Dublin).

This is the second time in the history of the State that solicitors could apply for Patents of Precedence. These solicitors join just 17 other solicitors who were granted the Patents of Precedence in 2020.

To see the full list published by the Department of the Taoiseach today, see: Patents of Precedence

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