GDPR: What is yet to come?

220 Dublin solicitors gather at the Mansion House for annual legal conference.

  • Over 200 Dublin solicitors attended a legal conference in the Mansion House, Dublin
  • General Data Protection Regulation experts addressed the conference
  • The conference was organised by the Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association and the Law Society Finuas Skillnet

On Friday 9 November, over 200 Dublin solicitors attended the Practice and Regulation Symposium 2018, an annual legal conference, held in the Mansion House, Dublin 2.

Organised by the Dublin Solicitors’ Bar Association in partnership with the Law Society Finuas Skillnet, the event provides local solicitors with updates on essential areas of law and practice including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Solicitor Greg Ryan of Greg Ryan Solicitors, Mount Street Upper, is President of the Dublin Solicitor Bar Association and says the conference is an opportunity for local solicitors to gather and reflect on the current legal landscape.

“It’s been a busy year within the Irish legal profession. Six months ago, law firms and organisations across Europe were preparing for GDPR changes that impact every single person in the country.”

“It is important, as solicitors and colleagues, we can come together to reflect and discuss how we are managing these changes, look at what we are doing and how we can improve.”

GDPR in action

The GDPR rules came into force for everyone dealing with European citizens’ data earlier this year.

GDPR experts, Ann Henry of Pinsent Masons, Dublin and Chair of Law Society’s Intellectual Property & Data Protection Law Committee and Paul Lavery of McCann FitzGerald, addressed the conference to discuss managing data and responding to data access requests.

“The new GDPR rules are possibly the most important changes in data privacy regulation over the last few decades. Dublin is the centre hub for many Irish organisations, both big and small, and is important that all organisations stay compliant,” says Greg Ryan.

“GDPR is about much more than storing personal data safely and it is important all Dublin businesses, from established international organisations to start-ups, are aware they have GDPR responsibilities and know how to handle personal data access requests - especially within the timeframe of 30 days.”

Personal data is any information that can identify an individual person. This can include, but is not limited to, a name, postal address, images or anything relating to the identity of a person

“If you need information on reviewing your GDPR policy, or handling an access request, talk to your solicitor at the earliest opportunity. Your local solicitor is an expert adviser and can help your business, whether it is big or small, with any business issue you may have.”

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