Barry MacCarthy becomes the 153rd solicitor to serve as Law Society President

The Law Society of Ireland has announced the appointment of Cork-based solicitor, Barry MacCarthy, as President of the Law Society for the year 2023/2024, with effect from Friday 10 November 2023.

Mr MacCarthy will serve a one-year term as president of the 24,000-strong Irish solicitors’ profession until November 2024.

He brings a wealth of experience and a vision for the future of the Law Society and the role of the solicitors’ profession in Irish society. “I am honoured to serve as President of the Law Society of Ireland and to lead the Irish solicitors’ profession for the next 12 months. I recognise the importance of strengthening access to justice in communities nationwide. I am committed to serving the profession for my term as president,” said Mr MacCarthy.

Supporting legal practices in every community in the country

“There is no doubt that the solicitors’ profession is thriving as demand for legal services grow, especially in emerging areas like intellectual property, aviation law, mediation, and arbitration. That said, this is not the case for all solicitors and all parts of the country.”

“As a sole practitioner, I recognise that smaller community-based legal practices are facing challenges, and the availability of legal services in many communities is at risk. The legal profession, like many others, is heavily concentrated in major urban centres and Dublin in particular, despite coming from all counties.

“I believe the Law Society has a pivotal role in ensuring that legal practice in Ireland is at the highest level and supported in every community in the country,” Mr. MacCarthy said.

Justice and law reform

“Justice and law reform have always been at the heart of the Law Society and the solicitors’ profession. This is the reason why most solicitors joined the profession in the first place. During this year, we will put even greater emphasis on highlighting areas where the law and legal system in Ireland needs reform in the public interest.”

“The Law Society has a leading in role in advocating for justice and law reform to help build a fair and just legal system that works for all because that is the foundation for a thriving, modern and progressive Irish society. I look forward to taking significant steps in that direction during the next 12 months.”

New Law Society strategy

“The Law Society has spent the past year holding consultations with key stakeholders to help inform our future strategy. There is every cause for optimism about the future of legal services, but we have a clear view on the challenges as well.”

“As we look ahead, we are focused on shaping a vibrant and relevant Law Society that works with others to adapt to meet the evolving needs of the economy and society. Collaboration is, and will remain, key to ensuring access to justice for all,” Mr MacCarthy said.

Notes to Editors

About Barry MacCarthy

Barry MacCarthy is a sole practitioner practicing as MacCarthy Solicitors Main Street, Charleville, County Cork.

Barry went to school in Charleville and studied Law at UCC, before qualifying as a solicitor in 1991.

Barry joined the Law Society’s Conveyancing Committee in 1997 and was elected to the Law Society Council in 2006. He served as Junior Vice-President of the Law Society in 2020/21.

As well as chairing the Conveyancing Committee, Barry has also chaired the Complaints and Client Relations Committee and the Professional Indemnity Insurance Committee.

Barry has also served on the Law Society’s Co-ordination Committee, Finance Committee, Administrative Sub Committee of Finance, the Leadership and Council Effectiveness Review Steering Group, the Legal Services Regulation Board Task Force, the Director General Recruitment Steering Group and the Strategy Task Force.

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