Law Society statement on death of Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman

The deepest sympathy of the Law Society is extended to the wife of Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman, retired Circuit Court Judge Yvonne Murphy, their three sons, their other family members and friends.

Director General of the Law Society of Ireland, Ken Murphy, said, “With the untimely passing of Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman, the Irish people have lost a fierce protector of their rights against any overreaching by the power of the State.”

“As one of the most brilliant barristers of his generation, he was a powerful, punchy and highly persuasive advocate. Fearless, fluent and articulate, he could think on his feet to handle with ease whatever was thrown at him.”

“As a judge, since his appointment in 2000, he was driven by a deep passion for justice as is evidenced by his many landmark judgements.”

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