LegalMind is an independent, dedicated mental health support for all Law Society members, practising certificate holders and post PPC trainees. The service is subsidised by the Law Society.

LegalMind is provided by Spectrum.Life, in partnership with Spectrum Mental Health. The service is designed to offer therapeutic support through any personal or professional challenges. Your dependants can also avail of in-the-moment support with qualified mental health professionals.

Contact LegalMind

  • Freephone LegalMind at 1800 81 41 77 to speak with a mental health professional.

  • Text 'Hi' by SMS to 087 145 2056 or send 'Hi' on WhatsApp to 087 369 0010 for a call back.

Please note: The SMS and WhatsApp services are not an immediate service and it may take some time for the LegalMind Team to respond. However, support is available 24/7 through the designated phone line 1800 81 41 77

Benefits of the service

  • LegalMind offers affordable mental health supports to the profession. The first appointment is free and subsequent appointments are available for a reduced fee of €30 per appointment.  The service is subsidised by the Law Society.

  • LegalMind employs best practice standards, follows robust clinical and risk governance policies and procedures and is guided by a professional code of ethics.

  • LegalMind offers three levels of supports:Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

    1. Preventative supports such as talk therapy.
    2. Early intervention supports for members concerned about their mental health.
    3. Treatment and response supports for members experiencing more complex mental health issues.
  • LegalMind additionally offers an online portal and app, combining information and content (podcasts, videos, guidelines and articles) on physical wellness, wellbeing, mental health, and wellbeing events.

How LegalMind works

You can call LegalMind at any time of the day or night and talk to a mental health professional about any issues you or your family may be facing, from anywhere in Ireland. On completion of this consultation, you and your counsellor will collaboratively explore what the most appropriate next steps and supports available for you are.

Further subsidised supports may include a series of face-to-face, online video or over the phone therapeutic sessions. Within 48 hours of your initial call, you can be offered a date to speak with a mental health professional (psychologist, counsellor or psychotherapist) within a 30 kilometre radius of your home, in five working days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For answers to other common questions, download the LegalMind FAQ (pdf).

LegalMind video


Additional services offered via LegalMind

Register for the LegalMind Spectrum.Life online platform or download the app for access to;

  • LegalMind’s Live chat, request a call back

  • Discounted virtual consultations with a range of specialists and coaches including dietitians, physiotherapists and financial advisors

  • Free e-learning resources on fitness, nutrition, mind, parenting and much more

Download the App

You can also register for the LegalMind Spectrum.Life online portal.

Dignity at work contact points

If you may be experiencing or have witnessed a bullying, harassment or sexual harassment situation at work, LegalMind’s dedicated team are available to provide support and can direct you to helpful information. Free-phone LegalMind on 1800 81 41 77.

Give your feedback on LegalMind

Tell us what you think and help us to improve LegalMind.

Do you have feedback on the LegalMind service? As the service is developing, we would love to hear what you have to say. Here are some ways to provide feedback:

  1. Use the confidential feedback form below
  2. If you have feedback that may require the Law Society contacting LegalMind about a particular issue, please contact Psychological Services about this confidentially at
  3. If you would prefer to speak by phone, please email us at and we can arrange a call.

We look forward to making this the best possible service for you.

Confidential Feedback Form

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