Colleague Support

In this section, we provide links to websites providing support services and information to help with personal and/or professional issues.

Useful Links

  • Consult a Colleague Helpline- free and completely confidential helpline, co-ordinated by the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association, to assist the profession nationwide with any problem, whether professional or personal. Call 01 284 8484 or visit

  • Mentor Programme for Solicitors Setting up in Practice - provided on request to solicitors who intend to set up in practice on their own account or who have recently set up in practice for the first time, who can then make contact with a mentor of their choice. For more information, email Justin Purcell.

  • Support provided by Bar Associations - there are Bar Associations throughout the country; details are contained in the Law Directory. Those who become an active member of their local Bar Association can find them to be an invaluable source of practical advice and assistance. An up to date list can be seen here;

  • Panel to Assist Solicitors in Difficulty with the Law Society – solicitors notified by the Society of a complaint made against them, or of other difficulties relating to their practice, can contact a panel member for assistance with formulating a response. For more information, see the Law Directory or see the Guidance & Ethics Committee page

  • Solicitors’ Benevolent Association - aims to assist solicitors and their dependants who are in need for whatever reason. For more information, including application forms and how to make an application, contact Geraldine Pearse, Solicitors’ Benevolent Association Secretary, 73 Park Avenue, Dublin 4, phone 01 283 9528.

  • Guidance and Ethics Helpline– co-ordinated by Secretary to the Guidance and Ethics Committee, to assist solicitors concerned about their own position on any matter of conduct. Find out more about the helpline or call 01 672 4800.

  • LegalMind- is a confidential, independent, low-cost mental health support for solicitors and their dependants. For more information visit or access the service directly on freephone 1800 81 41 77.