Returners Programme

The Law Society Returners Programme is a member service to assist you to reboot, network and regain confidence prior to returning to practice.

2024 Returners Programme

The Law Society’s in-demand Returners Programme is due to commence in October 2024. This Solicitor Service initiative is offered to members as a complimentary service, specifically designed to assist solicitors to confidently return to the legal workforce following a sustained period of absence. The programme includes a series of informative sessions and workshops focusing on job seeking and networking skills, conducted via video and Zoom (mornings). 

Due to its popularity, there is a waitlist for the next programme. We strongly encourage you to contact us promptly to be added to the waitlist and stay informed about programme updates. To be added to the waitlist, or for further information, please email the team at


Excellent service which should be publicised more. When you take time out, it's great to see how the job market has developed and what new opportunities have risen post Covid. Shane was very supportive in any area one required help….I feel more confident in returning due to my participation on this course. Thank you. Overall, a very positive experience. 5 stars.

Annette – Returners Programme 22/23

This course is a fabulous resource for members of the profession who are returning after a period of absence. The personal connection with the group of participants and with Shane throughout is invaluable I am very grateful to the Law Society for providing this course as it has been a wonderful resource in providing me with the information that I need to secure a position. A very big thank you to Shane for all his hard work in facilitating the programme and for his ongoing assistance, it is much appreciated.

Sinead – Returners Programme 22/23

The course is a wonderful steppingstone to help in the return to work as not only does it provide the practical tools but also boosts confidence through meeting others in the same situation. It helped me make the practical preparations for returning to work in what felt like a daunting prospect in some ways after being away for a number of years. The after support is invaluable as my return will be later in the year and being able to ask questions and receive guidance after the course is a wonderful comfort. The other participants were supportive and encouraging which is also reassuring and no doubt we can help each other in our careers anytime….meeting others is invaluable in not just networking but encouraging the next step in my career. I would see other initiatives in a positive light as a result. I hope the course will continue to flourish and help returners like me make the step back to work. I’d recommend the course without hesitation. The course leader was very kind and patient and has provided their time even after the course finished as the return process is ongoing for me. Many thanks to the course leader and all involved.

Maria – Returners Programme 22/23

I think this is an invaluable service for people like me returning to the workforce. We have so much to offer and most of us just need that extra bit of support. The encouragement and guidance that Shane gives in bucket-loads. It is overwhelming and difficult to know where to start when contemplating a return to work and this programme offers practical guidance and support for getting started and right the way through your career.

Karen Grenham - Returners Programme 22/23

I found this course really helpful; it gave me confidence to apply for roles which I would not have applied for. Shane was very helpful. I enjoyed the course and hearing everyone else’s experience.

Anonymous - Returners Programme 22/23

I’m really impressed with the programme. Shane was excellent and the other participants were honest, authentic, and supportive.… it’s reignited my passion for law. The networking was invaluable too. Shane was brilliant…. Many thanks for such a positive experience.

Joanne - Returners Programme 22/23

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