Practice Support Information Sessions

Access an ongoing series of business information sessions offering advice to solicitors on a range of business subjects.

These web-based sessions have been produced by the Law Society Support Services team and run for an average of 30 minutes. They offer information on a range of useful topics for businesses and sole practitioners. Just click on the links to view the videos. Note: No CPD points are available for these sessions.

Upcoming Information Sessions 2024

Each Practice Support session lasts approximately 30 minutes. 

  • 3 July - Decision Support Service and Enduring Powers of Attorney. The main speakers will be Áine Hynes SC, Chair of the Mental Health Law & Capacity Task Force, Áine Flynn and Orla Keane of the Decision Support Service. Register here

If you have any suggestions for topics or speakers please contact Justin Purcell.

Information Sessions archive

Earlier recordings are available on the Law Society's YouTube Channel or listen on Law Society SoundCloud and Spotify

 Individual links


Legal Design: What is it, how does it work, and why should Irish lawyers care? (10 April) - See slides

Let's talk technology in my legal practice (20 March)

Technology Vizlegal - Be more efficient (21 February 2024)

Cyber security: What's important for Practitioners with Tanya Moeller (18 October 2023) (21 February 2024)

Tech, AI and the future of ethics for Lawyers with Jennifer O Sullivan (28 June 2023)

How best to save Energy in your Office – SEAI (22 February 2023) - See slides

Learn about TrialView a Digital Dispute Resolution Solution (15 June 2022)

Harnessing Digital and the legal sector (23 March 2022) 

Technology Committee Cyber Security Part 3 - Future Range Security Operations (16 March 2022) 

Technology Committee Cyber Security Part 2 - Brian O Meara O Leary Insurances (9 March 2022 ) 

Technology Committee Cyber Security Part 1 (2 March 2022) - Rory O Neill 

Digital Automation Practice Update (23 February 2022) 

Digital Marketing Strategies (16 February 2022) 

Digital Update - Digital Signatures (9 February 2022) 

Digital - Tomorrow's Lawyer (2 February 2022) 

Digital Marketing and Attracting Visitors to Your Website (26 January 2022) 

Case management, Superior Court Rules changes and Vizlegal (8 December 2021)

eSignatures and Agreement Cloud (21 July 2021)

Benefits of Document Assembly Technology (2 June 2021) 

Maximising Practice Profitability (26 May 2021)

Cyber Security Technology Tools for Protecting your Office (12 May 2021) 

Managing your Office: What is VOIP? (5 May 2021) 

Effective Personal Management (21 April 2021)

How Client Intelligent is your Practice? (14 April 2021) 

Cyber Security - How secure is your Office front door? (31 March 2021)

Cyber Security and the risk to client funds (25 March 2021)

Cyber Security update and Risk Management tips (10 March 2021)

Developing a Paperless Office (10 February 2021)

Review of Case Management Systems (20 January 2021)

The Future of Law and Technology (9 December 2020)

Cyber Security / Data Security (26 August 2020) 

Optimising Customer Experience (29 July 2020)

Exploiting New Technology (8 July 2020)


Protection of the Client Account on Conveyancing AML with Martin Lawlor (15 November 2023)

Hear from Small Urban and Rural Practitioners on the benefits of running a small practice (7 June 2023) 

Benefits of being a consultant (19 April 2023) 

Research Findings of Irish Law Firms 2022/23 by Evelyn Partners (5 April 2023) See slides

Thinking of Retiring: What are your options? - (30 November 2022) See slides

Finbarr Jeffers O Leary Insurance gives tips about applying for PII insurance (2 November 2022) See slides

PII - what are the common issues faced by Practitioners Bill Holohan Q&A session (26 October 2022): See slides and support session tips

Budget 2023 - Update by Michael O Scathaill from Crowe  (28 September 2022) See slides and Budget 2023 Fact Sheet 

Cessations - Closing down or winding up a Practice - What you need to know? (1 June 2022)

Setting up in Practice - Practitioner Experiences (13 April 2022 )  

Setting up Practice – Regulatory Requirements (6 April 2022)

New ways of Working - Opportunities to work as a Consultant by Gibson and Associates (30 March 2022)

10th Annual Survey Law Firms in Ireland Smith & Williamson - Key Findings (19 January 2022) 

Update on PII Insurance - Bill Holohan (10 November 2021) 

Overview of Local Enterprise Office Services (3 November 2021)

Making a PII application - Key factors - O' Leary Insurances (22 October 2021) 

Annual Tax Return Advice and Budget Update (20 October 2021) 

Managing Legal Accounts Regulations by Pat Mc Cosker (14 July 2021) 

Revenue Briefing on Professional Services Withholding Tax (23 June 2021)

Limited Liability Partnerships (9 June 2021)

Saving for Retirement - the Options (28 April 2021)

Bank Of Ireland Finance Scheme for Members (24 February 2021)

Smith & Williamson Survey of Law Firms 2021 (17 February 2021)

Merging Or Retiring From Practice (27 January 2021)

Legal Firm Finances (13 January 2021)

Revenue eCG50 Update (6 January 2021)

Buying or Selling a Small Legal Practice (2 December 2020)

Frequently Asked Questions on PII Special Purpose Fund (18 November 2020)

Recent Law Society Changes to PII Renewal (4 November 2020)

Tips for Solicitors on Making a Tax Return (14 October 2020)

Organising Professional Indemnity Insurance (16 September 2020)

Briefing by Revenue on EWSS, Tax Warehousing and Personal Income Tax (2 September 2020) 

Financial and Planning Solutions (19 August 2020)

Update on State Supports for Business (5 August 2020)


Information for Practitioners on Library Services (6 March 2024) See slides here

Practising Certificate and membership renewal with Council Member Niamh Counihan  and Simon Treanor from Regulation

Remote Witnessing of Deeds and Legal Documents with Rory O Donnell (4 October 2023)

Regulatory News: Partnership Agreements and Succeeding Practice Rules with Simon Treanor (20 September 2023) Download slides

Why Council elections are important and how to get involved (6 September 2023) Download slides

Conflicts of Interest - An overview of current guidance with Catherine MacGinley & Wesley Hudson (14 June 2023) See slides

Legal Privilege with Conor Dalton & Michael Moran (17 May 2023) See slides here

How to respond to a complaint (22 March 2023) See slides

Introduction to 4th Edition of the Solicitors Guide to Professional Conduct (8 March 2023) See slides

Applying for a Practising Certificate with Simon Treanor - (11 January 2023) See slides

Applying to be a Judge – How it works Andrew Cody District Court Judge gives his insights (16 November 2022) 

Applying for appointment as Senior Counsel – Bill Holohan SC and Helen Sheehy SC (14 September 2022) See slides

Introduction to New Law Society Website with Derek Owens (31 August 2022)

Women in Leadership Mentoring Programme (21 June 2022)

Learn more about Mediation (27 April 2022) 

PC Renewal 2022 “How to apply for a practising certificate online (12 January 2022) 

Introduction to General Scheme of Companies (Small Company Administrative Rescue Process and Misc Provisions) Bill 2021 (1 December 2021)

New regulation responsibilities of the Law Society and LSRA - Simon Treanor (24 November 2021)

Witnessing of Deeds and Documents - Rory O Donnell (27 October 2021)

Ethics in Practice and How to make the correct ethical decision (13 October 2021) 

Law Society AML Update (22 September 2021) 

Guide to Easements with Rory O Donnell (15 September 2021) 

Law Society Library Service (1 September 2021) 

Introduction to the new Law Directory (28 July 2021)

Update on Remote Court Hearings (30 June 2021) 

Professional Wellbeing - Loneliness During Covid-19 (3 March 2021

Update on Capacity Law in Practice (23 October 2020)