Get a Quote

Welcome to Get a Quote - a pilot project to help you get quotations from solicitors' firms for the particular legal service you need. Access the relevant information and select a firm from the list of participating legal firms.

Choose a service

Choose the particular service for which you want a quote:

Read the information relating to that service. To help you understand the typical work the solicitor may have to do for you, this includes an outline of the solicitor’s work for this service.

Look at the summary of the client questionnaire for that service. This is the information you will be asked for by the firm or firms you contact. Your answers will give the firms the information they need to give you a quote. You may also access the full questionnaire.

Finding a firm

You may already know the firm or firms you wish to ask for a quote, because of recommendations from family, friends or colleagues. The reputation of the firm is one of the most important factors that will attract you.

  1. Access the list of participating firms.
  2. From this list, select the firms from whom you will seek a quote.
  3. Follow the links to each firm’s contact details, which will include their web address, where available.
  4. Contact your selected firm or firms by phone or email to outline the legal service you need.

When you are in contact with the firm, explain that you are using the Get a Quote service as outlined on the Law Society website. You may be given an appointment to bring you through the questions for the legal service you require, either over the phone or at the firm’s offices. You will also be told about the firm and the firm’s terms of business. Finally, you will be told when you will receive the quote. If you opt to complete the questionnaire yourself before contacting a firm, send the completed questionnaire to your selected firm(s) by email or post.

Additional work will attract additional fees

It is important to note that if new issues arise during the course of the transaction, resulting in additional work, this will attract additional fees. At the end of the summaries of the questions, you will see examples of some complex issues that might arise. However, if this does happen, you will be given information about the additional charges at that point.

Initial meeting - optional fixed-price consultation

You may be in a situation that is completely new to you, and you may not be quite sure what services or advice you need. Some firms offer a short consultation, perhaps for 30 minutes or an hour, for a fixed fee. This meeting will give you good general legal information to suit your needs and will help you decide how you should progress your particular problem and what legal services you need. 

If you need this service, check with the firm you select if this option is available from them.

Selecting and instructing a firm

If you are getting quotes from several firms, repeat the process. Then select the firm you want to use and instruct that firm.