Law School Ambassador Programme

Discover an outreach programme offered by the Law Society of Ireland to empower and support trainees on their route to qualifying as a solicitor.

About the programme

Law School Ambassadors are a welcoming and friendly point of contact for incoming trainee solicitors. The ambassadors are post PPC trainee solicitors and newly qualified solicitors. They provide valuable support and guidance to new trainees on their route to qualify. The programme enables new trainees to reach out to a Law School Ambassador that resonates with them. In return, ambassadors share their expertise and experience to motivate, empower and support the trainee with their professional and personal development.

2023 programme

Thanks to everyone who submitted applications for the 2023 Ambassador Programme. Applications have now closed, and 24 ambassadors have been selected.

Queries and feedback

If you have any questions or comments about the programme, please contact Rebecca Raftery.