Careers in Law: Estonia and Ireland

16/02/2024 14:21:33

Learn more about qualification and careers in Estonia on Thursday 22 February.

Event details

PPC Connect, in conjunction with the Estonian Law School Students Union and the Bar of Ireland, present an international careers networking event covering:

  • the path to qualification as a solicitor/barrister in both countries,

  • regulation of the profession, and

  • other general differences between the Common and Civil law systems.

There will be a 30 minute panel presentation with newly-qualified Irish and Estonian lawyers, followed by five smaller facilitated breakout room discussions.

Breakout Group Topics

  • Access to Justice: Compare the approaches to legal aid and ensuring access to justice for underrepresented communities and discuss pro bono work and its significance in both jurisdictions.

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession: Address the current state of diversity within the legal profession in Estonia and Ireland and assess the initiatives and policies aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion in the respective states.

  • Emerging Areas of Law: Discuss new legal frontiers such as space law, cyber law, and environmental law and compare how legal education and practice is adapting to these emerging fields in Ireland and Estonia.

  • AI/ChatGPT and lawyers: Discuss the impact of technology on legal practice (i.e AI, automation, and online dispute resolution) and explore how tech skills are being incorporated into legal training.

Book your place

  • When: Thursday 22 February, 4-6pm

  • Where: Online

  • Registration: Sign up online