Admission to the Roll

You can apply for admission to the Roll of Solicitors once all statutory and regulatory requirements concerning education and training have been met.

Trainees may apply to have their names entered in the Roll of Solicitors when:

  • they have passed all the examinations
  • they have successfully completed the training period, and 
  • the training solicitor has sworn that the trainee is a fit and proper person to become a solicitor. 

Application forms

Application forms are sent out by the Law School's examination section, once trainees are eligible to have their name entered on the Roll. The fee is currently €330.

Applications for admission to the Roll are processed by the Law School's Admissions Administrator.

Indenture Expiry Date

Your Indenture Expiry Date is presumed to be two years after you started your training. If you have been awarded credit this will bring your Indenture Expiry Date forward.

The Indenture Expiry Date could change for other reasons, for example, if you started your in-office training period late or if you were absent from the office for extended periods of time.

Your Indenture Expiry date is not your qualification date. You can apply for admission to the Roll of Solicitors once all statutory and regulatory requirements concerning education and training have been met and any outstanding issues from PPC I and PPC II have been resolved.

Between your Indenture Expiry Date and before you are placed on the Roll, you remain a trainee.

Practising certificate

You may apply for a practising certificate once your name has been admitted to the Roll of Solicitors. Applications are dealt with by the Professional Practice Section of the Law Society.

Login to solicitors' area of website

Once you've been added to the roll, you will be sent your unique solicitor number. This will be your new username to login to the Law Society website and access the members' area.

To ensure your login account is set up, please contact

If you need to update your email, please provide the following verification information in your email:

  • Date of birth
  • Year of qualification
  • Correspondence address

Parchment ceremony

Upon your admission to the Roll of Solicitors, you will be notified as to the date of the next available Parchment Ceremony. The ceremony on which you are placed may not necessarily be the most imminent parchment ceremony.  Please wait until you have been specifically notified as to the ceremony on which you have been placed before making arrangements to attend.

It is not necessary to attend a Parchment Ceremony in order to receive your parchment. Upon request, your parchment may be sent to you or you may collect it from the Law Society as soon as it is ready.

Queries in connection with the Parchment Ceremony should be directed to: Ms Philomena Whyte, Admissions Administrator, The Law School, Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7. Telephone 01 672 4802.

Data Protection Statement

The Law Society of Ireland (‘the Society’) collects and processes personal data in relation to you for the purposes of administering its relationship with you. Data collected on the Admissions to the Roll of Solicitors Application Form will be recorded on the Roll of Solicitors (‘the Roll’) and will be available for inspection by the public. The Society is legally obliged to maintain the Roll under the Solicitors Acts 1954 and make it available for public inspection. 

Your data will be recorded on a manual Roll of Solicitors and on an electronic database.

Your data will be used for administrative purposes.

You have the right to request in writing a copy of any personal data about yourself that is held by the Society and have amended any personal data that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

If you have any queries, contact