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LegalED Talks – CPD Training Hub

Event Type
Law Society Skillnet
Online, On-Demand
CPD Hours
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LegalEd Talks will remain available until 31/12/2022

CPD Training Hub 

This is a free series of training activities from expert speakers that will cover the areas as follows:

Unlocking Wellness Together Series

Course 1: Business of Wellbeing summit

The summit looks at how small, medium and large-sized firms in Ireland, can ensure authentic and integrated wellbeing in the workplace. It offers evidence on how positive workplace culture can lead to thriving employees, and, therefore, a thriving business.
The summit is targeted at firms and professionals who want to hear from cutting-edge industries about why wellbeing is critical to business. It appeals to those who are open to novel ideas, self-reflection, a change of attitudes, and increased knowledge in this area.

Speakers and topics include

  • Introduction: James Cahill, President, Law Society of Ireland, Partner Cahill & Cahill, Castlebar, Co Mayo and Michael Quinlan, Member of Law Society Wellbeing Steering Group, Council Member, Partner Dixon Quinlan Solicitors, Dublin
  • Designing work for wellbeing: the end of work/life balance. Valarie Daunt, Human Capital Lead in Deloitte Consulting and Michael Quinlan.
  • How does employee wellbeing link to diversity and inclusion? 
    Kate Fergusson, Head of Responsible Business, Pinsent Masons, Solicitors & Diversity and Inclusion Expert; Nicke Harrison, Inclusion & Wellbeing Lead, Pinsent Masons Solicitors and Michael Quinlan.
  • Louise O’Neill, Author and Columnist in conversation with Paul Hughes Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. Louise and Paul discuss her own experience of dealing with secondary trauma and stress and apply their experience to the environment of a law practice. Chaired by Carol Plunkett, Co-Chair, Law Society Skillnet Steering Committee
  • Humanity in the workplace: Creating work cultures that encourage and support greater connection as we return to the office. Katie da Gama, Lawyer, Executive and Leadership Coach; David Williams, Partner at LK Shields; Sara Carnegie, Director of Legal Projects, International Bar Association; Richard Martin, Director Mental Health and Wellbeing, Byrne Dean; Olwen Dawe, Political Analyst and Consultant and Carol Plunkett

CPD Hours: 2.5 hours Management & Professional Development Skills

Course 2: Coldshock
Wim Hof practitioner, Níall Ó Murchu, in conversation with Trish Howard, psychotherapist.

CPD Hours: 0.5 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)

Course 3: The Wim Hof Method
Níall Ó Murchu takes you through a Wim Hof Method breathing class.

CPD Hours: 0.5 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)

Course 4: Anxiety Awareness
Caroline Foran, on increasing solicitors’ awareness of causes, signs and coping strategies for stress and anxiety.

CPD Hours: 1 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)

Course 5: Depression Awareness
Alastair Campbell discusses with Attracta O'Regan the causes, signs and coping strategies for living with depression. 

CPD Hours: 1 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning

Course 6: Trauma Awareness
Dr Sharon Lambert talks to Blindboy about vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, stress, burnout and what you can do about it. This is essential trauma awareness training for all solicitors. This course incorporates the discussion first seen at the Business of Wellbeing Summit in 2020. 

CPD Hours: 1 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)

Course 7: Addiction Awareness
Sophie White is an engaging and talented author in conversation with Antoinette Moriarty Psychotherapist. In this talk Sophie provides a fascinating insight into living with an enduring mental health condition (Bi-Polar Disorder) and of successfully managing her drug and alcohol addiction, while parenting her young family and thriving professionally. These are complex issues that can arise in the personal and/or professional lives of our viewers and we are thankful to Sophie for her openness and her generosity in sharing her experiences with us.

CPD Hours: 1 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning) 

Covid-19 Legal Practice Updates Series

Course 1: IMRO Article 17 of the Digital Single Market Directive, complex and challenging in equal measure
Law Society Skillnet in collaboration with Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) and Law Society of Ireland presents the annual IMRO/Law Society of Ireland Copyright lecture recorded on 4 May 2022. Chairperson: James Hickey, External Director, Irish Music Rights Organisation. Speaker: Dr Mark Hyland, Law Society IMRO adjunct Professor of Intellectual Property

CPD Hours: 1 Hour General

Course 2: Legal Aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol 
Experts outline the pressing legal issues arising from the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Law Society EU & International Affairs Committee outline the background and key features of the NI Protocol along with current issues arising and the impact on trade. The strategies the UK and the EU are exploring to resolve the issues will be discussed in detail. Governance and consent, state aid and Article 16 safeguards under the Protocol are also covered. Speakers at this important briefing include: George Peretz QC (England and Wales) BL (Ireland), Monckton Chambers, London Alan McCarthy, Partner, A&L Goodbody LLP, Dublin. The webinar is chaired by Cormac Little SC, Partner, William Fry LLP, Dublin.

CPD Hours: 1 Hour General

Course 3: Negative Interest Rate Charges and Solicitors’ Accounts Regulations - Practice Guidance and Need to Know Essentials for day-to-day Practice
A Practice Note has been issued by the Registrar of Solicitors and Director of Regulation setting out the regulatory implications of negative interest charges that some banks are seeking to impose on a firm’s client account. This practice note provides practical information and guidance regarding how a solicitor should comply with their obligations under the Solicitors Accounts Regulations where their bank imposes such charges on their client accounts. This webinar is an opportunity to hear the Director of Regulation and a member of the Law Society Task Force on Negative Interest Rate Charges give a practical explanation of the guidance notes and how this will impact on day-to-day practice. The speakers also answer questions as raised by practitioners at a live webinar.

CPD Hours: 1 Regulatory Matters (Accounting & AML Compliance) (by eLearning)  

Course 4: GDPR in Action: Privacy in a Time of COVID-19
Paul Lavery, Partner, McCann FitzGerald, discusses the implications of Covid-19 and data including: Working from home data security issues; Covid-19 data protection issues re (i) fair collection and processing and (ii) legal basis for processing; Ensuring that data collected for Covid-19 purposes (e.g. from staff or clients) is relevant and proportionate; GDPR considerations re the tracing and tracking apps etc.

CPD Hours: 0.5 Hour Regulatory Matters (by eLearning) 

Course 5: Mediation and Arbitration - the essentials and the virtual in Covid-19 times
Our panel discusses: the basics of mediation; the experiences of virtual mediations during lockdown; practical tips for virtual mediations; what role virtual technology might have post-Covid-19. Regarding arbitrating during Covid-19: how the work must go on; what the arbitral institutions say; if hearings are necessary; the practicalities of conducting remote arbitration hearings; the new norms going forward.

Panel Discussion: Helen Kilroy, Partner, McCann FitzGerald; Eamonn Conlon, Solicitor and Arbitrator; Brian McMullin, Solicitor and Principal, Brian J McMullin.

CPD Hours: 1 Hour General (by eLearning)

Course 6: Competition Law Enforcement in the Era of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Alan McCarthy, Partner, EU, Competition & Procurement, A&L Goodbody, Dublin discusses Covid-19 and Competition Law and Dr. Pat McCloughan, PMCA Economic Consulting, Dublin talks about ‘Big Tech’ and Competition Law. Introduction by Cormac Little, Partner, William Fry Solicitors, Dublin and Vice Chair of the Law Society EU & International Affairs Committee.

Panel Discussion: Cormac Little, Alan McCarthy, Dr. Pat McCloughan

CPD Hours: 1 Hour General (by eLearning)

IT Know-How Series

Course 1: The Paperless Lawyer
Gerard Groarke BL www.paperless-academy.com demonstrates how lawyers can go completely paperless: Receiving and dealing with digital documents and materials; Manipulating digital documents - extracting pages and building booklets; Digital notebooks - supercharging your paperless productivity; Digital resources - how to make the best use of online information; Annotating digital documents - no different to paper.
CPD hours: 0.5 Hour Management & Professional Development Skills (by eLearning)

Regulatory Matters Series

Course 1: Solicitor AML - Current Framework, Becoming Risk Aware and Top Tips
Emma-Jane Williams, AML Policy Manager, Law Society of Ireland discusses: AML-Regulated Legal Services; Business Risk Assessments; Policies, Controls and Procedures; Customer Risk Assessments; CRA Outcome à Extent of CDD; What is money laundering; The offence of money laundering; Knowledge about ML/TF Risk Factors; Knowledge about Legal Sector ML/TF Risk; Categories of Legal Sector Red Flags.

CPD Hours: 1 Regulatory Matters (accounting and AML compliance) (by eLearning)

Course 2: Section 150 Costs
Keith Walsh, Principal, Keith Walsh Solicitors, Dublin discusses: New section 150 rules; Section 150 notices; New obligations pursuant to section 152 in relation to bills of costs; FAQs regarding new Section 150; Legal practitioners’ duties in relation to legal costs; Sections 149-161 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 (LSRA); Legal Costs (s.150) Notice – Guidance and Precedent.

CPD Hours: 1 Hour Regulatory Matters (accounting and AML compliance) (by eLearning) 

Course 3: Cyber Security 
The cyber security essentials for your law firm covers: Understanding the basics of cyber crime; The most common types of cyber scams experienced by Irish law firms; Understanding the fundamentals of password security.

CPD Hours: One hour and thirty minutes Regulatory Matters (by eLearning

Course 4: Advanced Cyber Security
This course covers: The main cyber threats to your law firm; Understanding the cyber threats relating to wireless networks, web security and sharing files, and apply cyber security best practice; Carrying out a basic cyber security audit of your law firm, and training employees in best practice and awareness of potential threats; Briefing a cyber security service provider on the requirements for your business.

CPD Hours: 1 hour Regulatory Matters (by eLearning)


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