FE-1 Online Examination System

 The online examination system provides an easy way of sitting your exams in the comfort of your own home, while still ensuring the integrity of the examination process through proctoring/invigilation. 

Other relevant information for students

Technical requirements


  • It is recommended that you sit your exam in a quiet room, with no pass-through traffic or unwanted distractions.

  • Please make sure your computer is plugged-in to a power source, and is not running on battery power for your examination.

  • If you are using an internet connection that is shared with other members of your household, please ask them to avoid using it heavily during your examination, as this may affect your internet speed.

  • You are only allowed to have the following materials on your workspace:

    • Photo ID (i.e. passport / driving licence);

    • Permitted legislation;

    • Tissues, if required;

    • Clock / watch – smart watches are not permitted;

    • Phone - turned off and face down (unless you encounter an issue during the exam and need to contact a member of the Law Society).

At any point before / during the exam, your workspace must be ready for inspection.

Exam Rules

  • External communication with anyone is not allowed during the examination.

  • Do not leave your workspace during the examination.

  • Your webcam and microphone must remain on during the examination.

  • Do not have any other applications open on the computer during the examination.

  • Please be available for up to 30 minutes before the scheduled examination start time.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact fe1section@lawsociety.ie or call the Law School at  01 672 4802.

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