Barrister transfer

If you are a barrister who wants to become a solicitor, see details below of what you need to do to be admitted to the roll.

Barristers who qualified in Ireland can transfer to become solicitors without the necessity of undergoing the full training programme prescribed for trainee solicitors - per Section 51 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 1994.

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply if you have been called to the Bar of Ireland and since then, for a minimum of three years, have:

  • practised as a barrister in the State
  • been a member of the Judiciary
  • been employed in the provision of services of a legal nature and/or
  • been employed by the State in the provision of services of a legal nature.

How to apply

Your application consists of sending the following documentation and fee to the Law Society:

  1. A certificate of being in good standing while practising from two of the benchers of the Honorable Society of King's Inns confirming the period of practice.
  2. A certificate from the Registrar of the Kings Inns confirming that the applicant passed the Barrister at Law degree, certifying the results of that degree, that the applicant passed or was exempted from an Irish examination and the date they were called to the Bar.
  3. An up-to-date CV setting out either the history of their work at the Bar and/or as a member of the Judiciary, and/or the history of their employment.
  4. In the case of a term of employment, a reference from the applicant’s employer confirming the period that the applicant has been engaged under a contract of employment full time in the provision of services of a legal nature and the nature of the work done. A character reference should be furnished from a solicitor outside the applicant’s firm which should verify the applicant’s work.
  5. Certified copies of academic qualifications (i.e. Law Degree if obtained, listing subjects and results). Note: this should be on the letterhead of the issuing authority and signed/stamped.
  6. Confirmation from the Kings Inns that the applicant has been voluntarily disbarred. (Note: the applicant may elect to hold off arranging to be disbarred until just before applying to go on the Roll of Solicitors, in which case this confirmation may be submitted at that stage.)
  7. Details of the office of a practising solicitor where the applicant intends to complete any in-office period.
  8. If applying for an exemption from the 6 months in-office experience, confirmation from the applicant of the basis of the application and, if relevant, confirmation from the applicant’s firm of any period worked, the experience obtained and whether the work done was equivalent to that of a solicitor.
  9. Application fee of €100 (cheques to be made payable to Law Society of Ireland).

Send all required documentation and supporting information as detailed above, plus payment, to:

Scan and send application

In addition to sending your original documentation, please scan and email your application to


On receipt of the above documentation, the applicant may be called for interview by representatives of the Law School.

Referral to Education Committee

The next step is referral of your application to the Education Committee for a decision on whether the applicant is eligible to be admitted to the Roll of Solicitors and what conditions, if any, may apply. The Education Committee meets approximately 10 times annually. 

Essentials of Legal Practice course (ELPC)

All applicants are required to attend the next Essentials of Legal Practice course (ELPC). This course runs annually in August and/or early September each year.

2024 ELPC

The next ELPC will run from 19 August 2024 to 6 September 2024 inclusive (weekdays only) - these dates may be subject to change. 

The deadline for submission of applications is 12 June 2024.

The ELPC covers Professional Conduct, Solicitors’ Accounts, Probate and Taxation and Conveyancing. Attendance at all modules is compulsory. There is no examination. The fee for ELPC is €2,860. A laptop or other suitable device is required to access Moodle (learning platform).

This is a full-time hybrid course with attendance required onsite 3 days a week (may not be consecutive) and live zoom sessions/lecture viewing 2 days a week (9-5 pm)

Six months in-office period

Applicants may be obliged to spend up to a maximum of six months in the office of a practising solicitor, for the purpose of receiving due instruction and obtaining experience in the practice and profession of a solicitor.  This six month requirement may, in exceptional circumstances, be waived/modified - this is a matter for the interviewing panel and the Education Committee.

On completion of any in-office period, the applicant will be required to submit a letter from the practice confirming the period worked, whether it was full-time, the experience obtained and whether the work done was equivalent to that of a solicitor.

Apply for admission to Roll of Solicitors

On completion of the ELPC, the in-office period and on satisfaction of any other conditions outlined by the Education Committee, the applicant may apply to be admitted to the Roll of Solicitors. The fee for enrolment is €300.

Practising Certificate

Once you have your solicitor number, you can log in and access the Solicitors area and apply for a practising certificate online. If you need login assistance, email

For general queries regarding the practising certificate process, contact


Download the privacy statement for admission to the roll.

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