Vote for Council

As agreed by 97% of members in a 2022 special general meeting, voting in the Law Society Council Elections is via electronic voting only.


To cast your vote, solicitors need to hold current Law Society membership and log in using their solicitor number and password. To check your membership status or renew online, find out more about your Law Society membership.

How do I vote?

When polling opens on 20 October, a voting link will be added to this page. Follow that link and log into the platform using the same credentials (solicitor number and password) as you use for other password-protected areas of this website. If you're not sure of your access details, find login help below. 

After logging in, you can view the candidates and any canvassing profiles they have provided on the voting platform and securely vote in the national and/or provincial election, depending on your entitlements, up to 5pm on 2 November.

The total votes submitted will be tallied immediately thereafter, and an electronic report will be available for the scrutineers to review and certify. Details of individual votes will remain confidential. 

About eVoting

As well as meeting industry standards for security and data protection, the eVoting system adopted by the Law Society:

  • provides for a secure ballot that allows only eligible voters to vote,

  • allows for secondary ballots that are restricted to voters from specific geographical areas (such as in provincial elections),

  • allows a voter to review their vote before submission,

  • ensures a voter can only vote once.

You can watch a short video demonstration of the electronic voting system below and also access a user guide and FAQs for more assistance in using this secure voting system.

Login help

Username and password

You'll log in to the platform using your solicitor number - which is also your username for - and the same password that you use for

Your solicitor number is located on your Practising Certificate. If you don't have this, please contact the webmaster team, who can provide it after you answer some verification questions.

If needed, you can reset your password for Remember to keep your login credentials secure, and do not share them with a third party.

You can also make sure that the Law Society has your correct email address.

Login and voting support

The Law Society is committed to helping members cast their ballot and offers the following support during business hours until polling closes at 5pm on 20 October:

  • live web chat (see link on Council web pages),
  • phone 01 672 4800,
  • email, and
  • on-site helpdesk assistance in Blackhall Place during the voting period.