About Law Society Committees

The Law Society’s committees are appointed by the Council.


Their term of office runs from the November Council meeting each year until the November Council meeting the following year. The incoming president selects the chair and members of each committee and places their names before the Council for approval.

The Council regulations divide the committees into two categories: ‘standing committees’ and ‘non-standing committees’. In addition, various subcommittees, task forces, and working groups are established to deal with different legislative and operational matters, as they arise.

Standing Committees

The Solicitors Acts state that the Council exercises the statutory functions of the Society, which are set out in the acts.

The Council may delegate the exercise of any of its functions to a committee established for that purpose. This allows the Council to appoint standing committees that exercise statutory functions on its behalf.

Non-Standing Committees

The Council appoints non-standing committees where it believes that these can better assist the Society in carrying out its work. These committees do not perform statutory functions.