Solicitor’s certificates regarding roads and services

Conveyancing 28/05/2024

Following extensive engagement by the committee with the Local Government Management Agency (“the LGMA”) the Conveyancing Committee has reconsidered the practice of solicitors issuing a Solicitor’s Certificate in respect of roads and services on completion.

As the Committee believes that it can be difficult for a solicitor to conclusively certify the position with regard to roads and services, it considers it no longer appropriate for solicitors to issue these certificates and recommends that instead, the appropriate letter be furnished by the relevant local authority.

The next revision of the Replies to Requisitions will be updated to deal with this change in practice.  

The position outlined in previous Practice Notes relating to Uisce Eireann (previously Irish Water) still remains.

The Committee continues to liaise with the LGMA in streamlining the roads and services request process and will keep the matter under review.