Support for firms

See information and resources for Irish solicitors firms responding to the invasion of Ukraine.

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Hiring a new arrival

Employers can advertise vacant posts on This website is the Department of Social Protection free web service where employers can post a job vacancy for free, register and advertise 24/7, avail of financial and accessibility support and grants and provides access to the Irish and European public employment services.

The website will provide a dedicated jobseeking and employment support area in Ukrainian and Russian languages. Displaced Ukrainians are being directed to access work information and supports through this web platform. Vacancies posted there will also assist the Intreo Employment Services Officers (part of the Department of Social Protection) to automatically match vacancies and present them to suitable candidates. Jobseekers can also set up their own profile on and automatically match to employers seeking their skills. Plans are also being put in place to host a number of local job fairs to which employers registered on can be invited. 

Legal community initiatives

The Association of Judges in Ireland (AJI) is offering support to any Ukrainian judges and/or their families who may have arrived in Ireland or who are considering coming to Ireland in consequence of the war in Ukraine.

The local government sector is leading a new government appeal for offers of unoccupied properties to provide temporary homes for those fleeing war in Ukraine.

A tax-free recognition payment of €800 per month is available for properties offered.

Full details on the call for properties are available at

Public Interest Law Alliance (PILA) is setting up a database for lawyers who can give immediate legal assistance to those caught up in the conflict. If you are willing to assist, please contact PILA directly at

Ukrainian lawyer support system

The Law Society, together with members, is coordinating offers of assistance to Ukrainian lawyers who have been forced to relocate to Ireland.

Training and information

To assist lawyers and all legal professionals dealing with the huge increase of war refugees, an online Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) course covers key concepts, the international framework related to asylum and relevant case law. The course is freely available in self-learning format on the Council of Europe's HELP e-learning platform.