Silence in the court


Practitioners and trainees logging in to Remote Hearings are reminded to keep their microphone on mute unless and until they need to speak, and to keep their camera off until they are ready to be seen by the court

Lawyers remote hearings conduct

The advice for anyone joining Virtual Hearings is to enter the Courtroom just as they would a physical court.

The Law Society has been working with the Bar of Ireland and the Courts Service to ensure that members and trainee solicitors can access Remote Hearings in a secure fashion.

But there have been some recent instances where individuals have logged on without their microphone muted when the court was already in session, for instance dealing with some 'for mention' matters, or finishing a list. 

Remote Hearings etiquette

To ensure the optimum experience, the Courts Service has provided the following guidance:

  • Please treat the virtual courtroom as you would a bricks and mortar courtroom. The rules that apply in court, such as no recording or image capture, still apply in a virtual court unless the Judge gives an individual explicit permission for them to be waived.
  • Please ensure your microphone is muted unless and until you have to address the court
  • Only those involved in the relevant matter(s) should dial in to the virtual courtroom as participants are limited.

Visit the Society's page on Remote Hearings to find out more about how to connect, and a hearings schedule.

Contact details for technical support
If you have any queries in regard to the callover or motion list, please contact the relevant list registrar as you would in the normal way.
For any other queries, please email with ‘Virtual Courtroom’ in the subject line.