Reporting Accountant's Reports

26/03/2020 09:56:29

Solicitors will be aware of the timeframes within which annual and closing Reporting Accountant's Reports must be submitted to the Law Society.

The Law Society’s position is that the protection of client moneys is most important in the current climate. However, the Society appreciates that there will be solicitors who are in difficulty in relation to the filing of their annual and closing reports. Any such solicitors are asked to contact the Society with their proposals for the filing of the report and each will be looked at on a case by case basis.

To facilitate the filing of annual and closing reports, the Society is willing to accept unsigned reports by email to, provided that they are accompanied by an undertaking from the reporting accountant to submit the signed report as soon as practicable.

All proposals put forward, either by solicitors or their reporting accountants, are being considered, with the emphasis on getting as many annual and closing reports filed as possible.

Solicitors in difficulty should contact Kara Groarke.