Hearings at Provincial Venues


High Court personal injuries actions at provincial venues will be listed for a physical hearing by default during Michelmas Term.

provincial courtroom hearings

According to a notice published by the President of the High Court, Ms Justice Mary Irvine, practitioners are nonetheless encouraged to ensure that only necessary witnesses attend court and that hybrid hearings be availed of where possible.

Organising remote hearings or evidence

If parties are agreed that an action or the evidence of one or more witnesses should be heard remotely, the Court will, where possible, facilitate that request.

In the absence of consent, any party may apply for such an order at the call over of the Provincial List which routinely takes place a number of weeks before the scheduled sittings.

Notice of any such application should be given in writing to the opposing party at least two clear days in advance of the call over.

Remote call over

The daily call over at provincial venues will take place remotely unless otherwise directed by the presiding judge.

Where the presiding judge permits the daily call over to take place otherwise than on a fully remote basis, where possible the numbers in the courtroom should not exceed that which will provide for social distancing.

The notice is available on the Courts Service website.