This is a list of solicitors as of 25 June 2017. Please ensure this list has been printed today.

Gardaí can search, by division, for a solicitor available to attend their local garda station to provide legal advices and attend interviews.

A garda can print a current, randomised list of available solicitors for their division on the day an individual is detained (in circumstances when a detainee does not nominate their own solicitor).

Select one division from the dropdown menu below - the garda stations for that division are displayed on the right. Click on Search for Solicitors and scroll down to view results which will be a randomised list of contact details for solicitors who have registered their details for that division. (If no solicitors listed for a division, select a nearby division.) If you are a practising solicitor and want to add to the list, log in to register or edit details on your dashboard. For help with registering, see the May 2015 eZine.