HR Annual Operational Plan

See below for details of the Human Resources Department Annual Operational Plan for 2021.

  • We will continue to develop and implement strategic approaches to human resources to enhance organisational effectiveness.
  • We will foster and grow our managers by developing their capabilities and competence.
  • We will explore new ways to keep our workforce informed, supported and engaged.
  • We will continue to attract a qualified and diverse workforce to maintain delivery of a professional service to members.
  • We will support individual and organisational effectiveness by offering approved learning and development programmes, to support employee development and the achievement of the Society’s strategic objectives.
  • We will advance the use of new human resources technologies to drive data-focused decision making and to provide an efficient, accurate and informative experience for the staff of the Society.
  • We will continue to build and support a positive, fair and open working environment.
  • We will progress the delivery of the wellness programme for employees to optimise employees’ health and productivity and to promote a healthy and supportive working environment.
  • We will promote a working environment with equal opportunity for our diverse workforce.
  • We will progress the employee experience through a structured induction programme.
  • We will support and promote a culture of compliance with our policies, processes and programmes.
  • We will support corporate social responsibility by building and strengthening community partnerships through our employees.
  • We will continue to stay informed and up to date on human resources issues and best practice strategies through the development of relationships with external partners, professional bodies and comparative organisations.