Stay Connected


The Law Society is inviting expressions of interest from solicitors who are not currently practising to join a new programme.

Connecting colleagues

The Career Support service has introduced a new initiative called Stay Connected. Its purpose is to facilitate solicitors on career break or who are temporarily not practising, for whatever reason, to stay connected with the profession and to keep their skills and network up to date.

It aims to address the problem of disconnect and perceived loss of contacts or skills among solicitors who are not currently practising law, but planning to return to work.

Elements of the programme

Solicitors are now invited to join Stay Connected. Participants will be provided with a newsletter published every two months which will contain interesting articles relevant to your being away from the solicitors’ profession.

We will also invite you to offer feedback on topics that are important and interesting to you and include a section which profiles a participant on career break. 

Participants in Stay Connected will have the opportunity to network with each other and attend meetings with an interesting guest speaker. The meetings will take place in Blackhall Place.

Speakers will include solicitors with experience of returning to work after several years away from law and others with useful insights on topics such as:

  • Remote working
  • Flexible working
  • Returning to work

Participants will be facilitated to interact with each other through a social media interface, in order to share information, collaborate and encourage each other.

Register your interest

 you are interested in joining Stay Connected, please send your full name, preferred email address to receive the newsletter at, your solicitor number and date of birth to