CBLIE - Report of administrator to High Court


Mr Kieran Wallace was appointed as administrator to CBL Insurance Europe DAC (“CBLIE”) on 12 March 2018 by the High Court on application by the Central Bank of Ireland, in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance (No.2) Act 1983.

As agreed with the Court on that date, Mr Wallace reported to the High Court on 30 April 2018 on the state of the company. Mr Wallace reported that there has been continuous engagement with the Central Bank of Ireland, and that he continues to monitor the situation. Mr Wallace will report further to the High Court on 30 July 2018.

The Society will continue to monitor this matter closely. Any queries should be directed to the Society’s PII helpline at 01 879 8707 or piihelpline@lawsociety.ie.

The helpline is available Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm to assist with queries.

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