WRC decisions: 21 July to 3 August

22/08/2022 11:36:05

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has published its decisions and recommendations from 21 July to 3 August.

WRC decisions

July employment and equality case law

Cases covered include:

  • a successful claim for unfair dismissal arising from an attempt to impose a pay decrease (Pawel Batko v Sugarloaf Ventures Limited, ADJ-00029717),

  • consideration of the law and appropriate procedures regarding gross misconduct (A Catering Assistant v A Hospital, ADJ-00035205), and

  • payment of compensation where there was no evidence of a probationary period having been advised to the employee, or any performance management issues prior to a dismissal (Administrative worker v Car sales and service provider, ADJ-00035070).

To view the decisions and recommendations, visit the WRC website.