Workplace Conflict Resolution Workshop

08/09/2023 08:52:00

Gain the insight you need to understand and manage conflict on Wednesday 27 September.

Understanding and approaching conflict

Conflict is an intrinsic element of daily working life. Whether you are handling a challenging client, relying on information from someone else, chasing a payment or having a difference of opinion, we all have a different style of handling conflict. Your ability to handle differences in an effective manner will have an impact on both your overall effectiveness and satisfaction.

This workshop is open to all staff working in a solicitor practice or in-house in the legal services sector. The aim of this workshop is to learn about the nature of conflict in the workplace, the different handling styles and how best to manage conflict effectively.

During the workshop, we will examine the common sources of conflict, the associated advantages and drawbacks and offer the opportunity to share experiences. You will learn the five different styles you can employ and reflect on your preferred conflict handling style, your triggers and areas that can be developed further. We will look at practical tools and tips for how best to handle differences that arise, boosting your confidence and effectiveness in this important area.

Event details

  • Date: Wednesday 27 September 2023, 2pm to 5pm

  • Location: In-person at the Law Society of Ireland

  • Booking: Book online

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