Lawyer-linguist opportunities

18/09/2023 10:21:50

The Court of Justice in Luxembourg is seeking to recruit multilingual lawyers.

Competition details

The EU is conducting six competitions lawyers with English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese and Slovak language skills. Recruited officials (grade AD 7) will work at the Court of Justice of the EU, based in Luxembourg.

Lawyer linguists will translate complex legal texts (including judgments, Opinions of the Advocates General, and written pleadings of the parties) into the language of the relevant competition, from at least two of the other official languages of the European Union. They will also review translations and provide legal analysis in cooperation with the Registries and the other departments of the Court of Justice.

Requirements and deadline

To apply for this position, you must be an EU citizen and know at least three official EU languages. Additional requirements apply depending on the competition.

The application period opened on 14 September 2023 and ends on 17 October 2023, at 12 noon (Luxembourg time).