Irish Rule of Law International events


Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI) is now accepting bookings for its upcoming Commercial Law Seminar and its Criminal Law and Evidence Seminar.


Annual Commercial Law Seminar

The Commercial Law Seminar will take place in the Distillery Building Atrium, 145-151 Church Street, Dublin on Thursday 27 October 2022 at 5pm. The event will be chaired by Ms. Justice Caroline Costello.

Annual Criminal Law and Evidence Conference

The Criminal Law and Evidence Seminar which will be also held in the Distillery Building Atrium on Saturday 26 November at 9am. The event will be chaired by Ms. Justice Marie Baker.

About IRLI

IRLI is an initiative of the Law Society of Ireland, the Bar of Ireland, the Law Society of Northern Ireland, and the Bar of Northern Ireland, dedicated to promoting the rule of law. IRLI seeks to harness the skills of Irish and Northern Irish lawyers in using the law as a means of tackling global injustice and empowering all people to live in a society free from inequality, corruption and conflict.

For more information, visit the IRLI website.