Ireland for Law update


The Chair of Ireland for Law, John Bruton, has an update for practitioners on progress promoting Irish legal services.

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Promoting Irish legal services abroad

Writing to members, Mr Bruton details Ireland for Law’s work with the international business community to help promote Irish law and Irish legal services. In particular, the initiative is highlighting the post-Brexit advantages of using:

  • Irish law for business contracts,
  • Irish law for legal advice and transactions, and
  • Irish dispute resolution for business disputes.

For more information, read the letter from John Bruton.

About Ireland for Law

In the wake of Brexit, The Law Society of Ireland has joined with key stakeholders to highlight Ireland’s advantages as a venue for international legal work and dispute resolution.

Ireland for Law, the banner brand for Ireland's International Legal Services Strategy, is the result of this collaboration. Chaired by former Taoiseach John Bruton, Ireland for Law is supported by the Law Society, The Bar of Ireland, IDA Ireland, and several Government departments. To find out more, see the Ireland for Law website or follow Ireland for Law on Twitter.