Impacting justice and law reform

08/07/2024 16:10:58

The Law Society represents the profession on issues that matter – to you and your clients.

As solicitors, you are working in an increasingly complex and ever-changing legal environment that impacts you and your clients. This brings many challenges, which is why the Law Society provides a wide range of services to support solicitors.

One of these services is to advocate for the profession, by providing leadership on justice and law reform to shape a just and accessible legal system.

Representing you

Representing the profession on matters such as Enduring Power of Attorney applications, family justice, legal aid fees, conveyancing reform and probate is ongoing. In the past 12 months, 25 justice and law reform submissions have been made, as well as the many phone calls, meetings, emails, and letters that are also required to deliver this valuable service for you and your clients.

The Law Society also offers conferences, training events, online webinars and information sessions designed to inform and meet your professional requirements. A session on 3 July 2024 regarding Enduring Power of Attorney applications had over 500 solicitors registered to hear from the Decision Support Service. Hundreds have already registered for another popular complementary webinar on AI in legal practice on 17 July.

Committees working for you

Our committees play a significant role in assisting the Law Society’s Council to exercise its statutory functions and carry out work across many different areas of practice. The range of expertise and experience from volunteer members from across the country is invaluable in engagements with policymakers, Government and other stakeholders to progress matters of legislative and public consequence.

To learn more about what committees do to support you in practice, see the first articles in a new Gazette Spotlight series which is focused on the Conveyancing and Family & Child Law committees:

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