Certificate in Conveyancing


Gain practical insight into conveyancing changes with this popular certificate.

Certificate in Conveyancing

Applications are being accepted for the Diploma Centre’s Certificate in Conveyancing, which begins on Tuesday 18 October 2022. This course provides a practical insight into the “pre-contract investigation of title” (PCIT) system.

The new system, which improved the conveyancing process by ensuring any queries relating to the property’s title are raised and resolved before the contracts are signed, is a fundamental change to the legal practice and procedures involved in buying and selling property. This certificate provides participants with a comprehensive overview and understanding of the PCIT system and of the issues currently relevant to conveyancing practitioners.

Learning outcomes

On completion, participants will be able to:

  • Draft documentation to highest standards in both residential and commercial transactions;
  • Identify and summarise the changes to conveyancing practice;
  • Complete and lodge complex first registrations in the Land Registry;
  • Act and advise on either side of a property transaction within an insolvency process or with licenses transferring;
  • Review, negotiate, and advise clients in relation to commercial leases;
  • Explain the tax implications of a property transaction.

This course is reserved for solicitors and post-PPCI trainees and will appeal to seasoned professionals who are looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the practical issues that they are currently facing. It will provide a strong grounding in conveyancing practice and the law regarding residential and commercial property – areas that remain the bedrock of many practices.


For further information visit www.lawsociety.ie/diplomacentre or contact the course leader, Suzanne Crilly, Solicitor.