Supporting solicitors and businesses through Covid-19

Law Society develops new practical support for solicitors in crisis.

Responding to Covid-19 and the changing needs of solicitors nationwide, the Law Society of Ireland has launched a new service, Crisis Practice Support.

The new project has been carefully designed to deliver relevant, practical supports to help solicitors remain operational to ensure they can continue providing essential services delivered differently to their clients and communities during this period.

Supporting businesses

President of the Law Society of Ireland Michele O’Boyle said that access to practical support and accurate information is vital during this time for solicitors and all businesses.

“Ensuring the continuity of solicitors’ essential services will directly help other small businesses through this difficult time,” said Ms O’Boyle. 

“The legal services provided by the solicitors’ profession are necessary to support other essential services, as well as vulnerable people in the community. Although legal firms across the country are physically closed to the public to maintain social distancing, they remain open for business while respecting necessary restrictions,” she said.

“Unfortunately, and despite best efforts, some solicitors, like many other businesses, will face challenges. We must be creative in approaches to ensure continuity of business and adapt accordingly.”

Supporting the profession

Through the Crisis Practice Support, the Law Society has collated for its members essential practice information relating to business continuity supports, commercial rates, taxation, wage subsidy schemes, supports for the self-employed and signposts to other valuable government resources and funding.

“These supports are critical for all small businesses. Receiving new information each day can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to process the minute details of each new support, funding scheme or piece of legislation,” said Ms O’Boyle.

“The Law Society is working relentlessly to advocate on behalf of members and their clients, and to provide solicitors with up-to-date, accurate and clear information. We will continue to find practical solutions to impediments to practice and communicate these solutions or workarounds to members on a regular basis.”

“Although our doors are closed to the public, with the right supports solicitors’ practices can remain open; it is business as usual, delivered differently. In turn we can help our clients, local businesses and members of our communities to do the same,” said Ms O’Boyle. “We are here to work collaboratively and constructively with our communities through this period.”

“If you require legal advice, talk to your local solicitor who can provide up-to-date information on Covid-19 supports and legal advice on resources available to you,” said Ms O’Boyle.

Practical supports

Solicitors can receive information through Crisis Practice Supports by contacting the Law Society at

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