Law Society’s Covid-19 response sees over 3,500 solicitors and trainee solicitors benefit from free CPD

The Law Society of Ireland’s response to the Covid-19 crisis saw more than 3,500 solicitors and trainee solicitors register for free continuous professional development (CPD) courses.

The Law Society is providing these courses to solicitors and trainee solicitors free of charge to assist with their learning and upskilling during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Upskilling online

President of the Law Society Michele O’Boyle said, “As Covid-19 developed and restrictions were put in place, the Law Society acted quickly to launch a suite of resources to support solicitors and their practices in their continued professional development.”

Every year solicitors must complete 20 hours of CPD training. Previously, only 50% of this training could be completed online, but in light of the Covid-19 restrictions this has been adapted to allow 100% online CPD learning in 2020.

“Understanding that solicitors have a professional obligation to upskill each year, the Law Society saw an opportunity to facilitate this learning and make it as accessible as possible by delivering it online,” explained Ms O’Boyle. “CPD training ensures solicitors stay up-to-date on the latest practice changes so they can respond best to their clients’ individual needs”.

“Within two weeks of launching our free online courses, over 1,700 people had registered. This number has doubled again to over 3,500,” she said.

Value and practicality

“The Law Society is committed to offering courses that reflect value, relevance and practicality. The Certificate in Technology Law is highly relevant to the current climate and provides training on data protection, cybersecurity and cybercrime, which are essential skills to have as we work from home.”

“Our second course, “Introduction to Arts, Entertainment and Media Law”, provides insights  into broadcasting, publishing, contractual obligations and litigation in the entertainment industry, plus copyright and image rights,” she explained.

“The courses are delivered completely online through the Law Society’s webcasting system which can record, stream and replay courses online to very high standards with minimum disruption,” she said.

“The feedback on our courses to date has been very positive. Solicitors and trainee solicitors, who wish to access these courses free of charge, can do so until Monday 10 August 2020.”

For more information on see: Law Society Diploma Centre

Law Society Diploma Centre

The Law Society is also offering discounts to solicitors whose employment has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Applications for the Law Society’s autumn courses are now open. For more information, visit

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