Law Society conference updates Donegal solicitors on probate and personal injury guidelines

On Thursday 17 June, almost 60 solicitors from across Donegal attended the North West General Practice Update 2021, the third in a series of online events taking place this year to support local solicitors to upskill while working remotely.

Organised by Law Society Finuas Skillnet in association with the Donegal and Inishowen Bar Associations, the conference provided an opportunity for Donegal solicitors to stay up-to-date in areas of law relevant to their daily work, including probate and litigation.

Solicitor Geraldine Conaghan of MacBride Conaghan Solicitors, Donegal, is President of the Inishowen Bar Association and said, “The North West General Practice Update is the perfect opportunity for Donegal solicitors to meet virtually, upskill in essential areas of law and discuss the day-to-day issues faced in practice.”

Personal injury guidelines

“On 24 April 2021, new personal injury guidelines were introduced. Litigation experts addressed the conference to discuss what these guidelines will mean in practical terms for Donegal solicitors and their clients,” explained Ms Conaghan.

“These new guidelines will see cuts of up to 50 per cent in the awards given for most types of minor and medium-range injuries and will have a huge impact on personal injury cases going forward,” she added.

Making a will

Expert speakers also addressed the conference to discuss emerging issues in probate and changes in practice.

“The impact of Covid-19 has made people reassess their lives and forced them to really think about what is important to them. Whether it be moving out of the big cities and back home to Donegal, setting up a business or starting a family, we must ensure that we plan ahead for our new priorities in a smart way by making a will,” said Ms Conaghan.

“It is important to have a will that is up to date and reflects your current circumstances and wishes,” she warned. “Although it can be a sensitive subject, making a will, and keeping it up to date, can help save heartache down the line.”

“Thanks to the North West General Practice Update, Donegal solicitors are up to date on issues relating to wills and probate. If you need advice on making a will or updating your current one, talk to your local solicitor,” she said.

For more information on the North West General Practice Update 2021, see: Law Society Finuas Skillnet conference

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