IMRO and Law Society of Ireland to partner on new professorship

IMRO Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Copyright will train future solicitors in the protection of music rights.

The Law Society of Ireland has partnered with the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) to create a first-of-its-kind professorship in intellectual property law and copyright and contribute to the national debate on related issues, including music rights.

The position will be advertised in the autumn, with plans for the new IMRO Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Copyright to provide a public lecture each year.

Chair of IMRO, singer-songwriter Eleanor McEvoy said, “We are delighted to partner with the Law Society of Ireland on this important new initiative. IMRO is continually working on behalf of its membership to protect and promote strong copyright legislation in Ireland and beyond. This new alliance will further support our policy of working in collaboration with a wide range of industry groups and associations to the benefit not only our own members but the economy in general."

Law’s vital role

President of the Law Society of Ireland Michael Quinlan said, “My hope for this partnership with IMRO is not only that new generations of solicitors will take on the copyright challenge in their careers, but that we will also provide a valuable voice in the copyright debate and be able to demonstrate the value of protecting intellectual property rights to the wider public.”

“For example, if music rights are not protected, musicians may not be paid fairly for their work and may be unable to earn a living wage. They may not be able to continue as musicians. What, then, would Ireland’s cultural landscape look like?” 

“We know that intellectual property owners, including musicians, writers, illustrators and other artists, can and do face an uphill battle in terms of protecting their rights. The law plays a vital and ever-growing role in ensuring that Irish creative professionals can safeguard their rights and their livelihoods.”

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