GDPR, regulation and conveyancing experts address Donegal solicitors

Over 100 solicitors from the North West region attend major legal conference

Over 100 solicitors will attend the North West General Practice Update 2019, a major legal conference taking place in Lough Eske Castel Hotel, Donegal today and tomorrow, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 June.

The two-day annual conference is organised by the Law Society Finuas Skillnet in association with Donegal Bar Association and Inishowen Bar Association. It is an opportunity for practitioners to update their knowledge in essential areas of law including GDPR, cybersecurity and probate among others.

Local supports

In February 2019 the Law Society announced its Small Practice Support Project; a strategic plan to support and develop smaller firms in rural and urban Ireland.

The plan is based on extensive research involving a survey of hundreds of smaller law firms across Ireland. It makes 11 strategic recommendations to assist sole practitioners and smaller practices to grow their businesses and achieve greater success for their clients, their firms and their local communities.

Today’s conference is the third in a series of country-wide seminars to be delivered in 2019 designed for smaller practices, sole practitioners and local solicitors.

Economic drivers

Margaret Mulrine, Principal at MM Mulrine and Company, Letterkenny and President of Donegal Bar Association is attending the event. She highlighted the important role of the solicitor in Donegal and the North-West region.

“Solicitors are at the heart of the local community in rural Ireland, particularly in Donegal and surrounding areas,” she said.

“The Law Society’s Small Practice Support Project recognises that smaller practices in rural Ireland have a distinct profile. We face similar challenges and opportunities that are common to other business owners and SMEs. Local solicitors are our neighbours and business advisers, as well as our legal experts.”

“As solicitors, we must be resourceful and adept at running a business as well as practising law,” she said.

“It can often be a challenge to balance the demands of running a small practice with the need to stay up-to-date on legal trends and developments. The North West General Practice Update 2019 provides the perfect opportunity for local solicitors to refresh their knowledge on practice areas and regulatory matters and network with other solicitors and small business owners in similar situations, while limiting their time away from their busy practices.” said Ms Mulrine. 

Find out more about the Small Practice Support Project

GDPR and Cyber security

Some of the key topics covered at the conference include GDPR, regulation and conveyancing.

Ms Mulrine said that every business, organisation and volunteer group in the North-West of Ireland needs to be aware of their GDPR responsibilities – including solicitors. 

“There are new cybercrime risks all the time from which solicitors must protect themselves, their clients and their businesses. A cybercrime attack may result in a data breach and organisations need to report all breaches under GDPR rules,” she said.

“It is important that solicitors, all organisations, groups and businesses put protections in place to help avoid being a target of cybercrime and to avoid data breaches. GDPR is still a relatively new concept and we must stay vigilant,” said Ms Mulrine.

“If you have had a data breach, whether through cybercrime or for other reasons, you will need to take swift action and talk to your solicitor at the earliest opportunity for advice,” Ms Mulrine advised.

Conveyancing and regulation experts will also address the conference to provide updates and answer questions relating to these practice areas.

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