All-time record number of England & Wales solicitors admitted to the Irish Roll of Solicitors in 2019

The Law Society of Ireland has released new figures which show an all-time record number of England and Wales solicitors being admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland.

The figures, with insights from Director General of the Law Society of Ireland Ken Murphy, have been published on and in the December 2019 edition of the Law Society of Ireland Gazette.

“No less than 1,817 new solicitors from the jurisdiction of England and Wales had their names entered on the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland, representing a massive increase (+163%) on the 690 new entrants of 2018,” Mr Murphy highlights.

“The firm that scores the largest increase in this year’s table is Linklaters LLP, which has grown its number of solicitors on the Roll by 206 to 259.”

“Allen & Overy LLP, however, tops the table, with a total of 297 solicitors on the roll,” Mr Murphy added.

The article, containing the full set of figures broken down into tables and insights from Ken Murphy, is on the online Gazette.

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